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2014 Group Sales Conference Succeeds despite Cancellations

** Delegates from 14 countries attended the latest Sales Conference in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam**

Despite 15 last-minute cancellations - mostly necessitated by the unfortunate threat of violence against Chinese nationals visiting Vietnam - the recent Group Sales Conference still drew a bumper attendance from 14 countries in the FPS system.


The three-day event began with a welcome by host Johnny Khoa, MD of Everich Ltd, the FPS network member for Vietnam. Mr. Novian Amrah Putra, Regional Manager - Asia Pacific Region of Worldwide Quality Assurance (WQA), gave a presentation on Business Opportunities in ISO/ Certification Business.

This was followed by a day and a half of intensive sales training conducted by Steven Weiner: an expat American living in Vietnam, and a Senior Lecturer in Business Administration and Marketing at two major universities in Ho Chi Minh City.Steven’s impressive credentials include a 30 year career in all aspects of sales and customer service, working with major international companies in the financial, banking, telecom and entertainment sectors.

Skills learned

The first session - Personal Selling Skills - included a detailed analysis of the structure of the sales call, assisted by role play, games and a Q & A session.

Session 2 – Advanced Selling Techniques - sought to build on the skills learned earlier, and stressed the importance of building long – term relationships.

******* Everich MD Johnny Khoa - Welcomes guests *******

Improve outcomes

Day 2 began with the final sales training session – Influencing and Persuasion Skills - which examined how sales staff can improve outcomes by developing rapport, trust and empathy, and honing their listening and obser- vation skills.


The afternoon was devoted to a fascinating tour of Saigon’s Cu Chi Tunnels, used in the Vietnam War by Viet Cong guerrillas as hiding places during combat, communication and supply routes, hospitals, food and weapon caches and living quarters for guerrilla fighters. The tunnel systems were of great importance to the Viet Cong in their resistance against the American forces, and helped achieve ultimate military success. The tour was followed, in the evening, by a junk cruise on the city’s river.

Reciprocal sales activity

By popular request, Day 3 saw a full day of 1:1 member meetings, designed to build on the reciprocal sales activity and business opportunities between members.

One-to-one meetings were added to the event agenda by popular request

One of the intensive audience-participation sessions in the sales training programme.

Says Johnny Khoa:
“The conference provided valuable workshops on Personal Sales Technique and Advanced Selling Skills, led by an expert.”


Delegates took time out to explore the fascinating Cu Chi Tunnels, which played a key role in the Vietnam War.

Time for the exhausted delegates to unwind on a junk cruise on the city’s river.

Growth and development

In addition, the conference was a chance for delegates to meet and discuss promoting each other’s companies, so contributing to the growth and development of FPS Group. And it was good to involve everybody in relaxed outdoor activities and entertainment, and to share an enjoyable stay in Ho Chi Minh City. “At future conferences, we would like to see more outdoor training activities included. “For Everich, as well as gaining knowledge and skills from the training courses, and collaborating on business opportunities and suppliers, the Sales Conference provided useful experience in how to organize an international event professionally”.

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